One of the best and cheapest hostels near Don Muang Airport

One of the best and cheapest hostels near Don Muang Airport is a mere 10 minutes away from the check-ins. So whenever your flight is, simply arrange a taxi with the reception the night before, set your alarm clock and fall asleep completely carefree.

Board your early Bangkok flight – stress-free
While Bangkok is an amazing city, its traffic problems are legendary and locals are well-aware of the trouble the congested roads can throw at you when you need to catch a flight.

You see, the highway system and tollways are excellent, but getting out of town or onto the highway itself is usually where the trouble starts. So if you are staying in a residential area, around Sukhumvit or even worse, Khao San, you really are going to have to take gridlocked traffic into account.

And that is unfortunate because most of the budget airliners fly from Don Muang and their cheapest flights are usually in the early morning. Whether it is Nok Air, Tiger Air, Air Asia or any of the other local budget airliners, all of them offer flights starting at 7 am. Later flights will cost a lot more if they haven’t been sold out already, so getting to the check-in at 6 am is worth it, especially if you are on a budget.

Airport hotels are costly
Well-aware that travellers have no choice but to book a room with them, hotels around airports will charge excessively, especially if they are located on the Airport itself. But Wayha Hostel is simply perfect for travellers looking to catch an early flight. Extremely close to the airport, getting there takes about 10 minutes, and the area around the hostel has a wide array of possibilities.

Things to do around Don Muang the evening before your flight
Let’s say you are flying in the weekend or on a Monday. Chatuchak Market is legendary and only open on Saturdays and Sundays. And when the many little shops slowly close down, beer bars open up both on Chatuchak Market and its new and hipper neighbour, JJ Green.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is legendary in Thailand and for fighting fans, this is the one location they simply cannot miss. Unlike the (sometimes very staged) Muay Thai events in the more touristic areas in Thailand, Lumpinee is as real as it gets and attending a single fight night will teach you more about Thailand and its customs than a month on one of the islands. Entire fighting schools will be in the corner, supporting their fighters and the locals usually come out in droves.

Lumpini Stadium knockout

Experiencing genuine Muay Thai fights is a unique experience

For visitors who simply want to spend a laid-back evening before their early flight the next day, Liab Duan night market or a local restaurant is a perfect way to enjoy some food, drink some beers and find your way back to your room for an early night’s sleep.

We’re not sure whether Wayha is one of the cheapest hostels near Don Muang Airport, but we’re definitely one of the best choices around. We cater to travellers, locals who like to travel in style, backpackers who prefer not to stay in Khao San and fans of boutique hostels in general. Our reviews speak for themselves and we are looking forward to welcoming you at Wayha!

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