Have you ever wonder why K-pop artists frequently come to hold concerts in Thailand, and Thailand was chosen as the first place to hold concerts? The main reason is that those artists have always been well welcomed by Thai fans and many artists are attracted to Thailand. The fan club is the main reason, and artists also like attractions and foods. Even though the starting point comes because of business, but what they get is a very warm welcome from the fans.



Throughout the past 5 years, it is considered that the number of K-pop artists visiting Thailand has increased steadily and more frequently. There are both concerts and fan meeting events. Statistics in 2015 is 42 times, in 2016 is 30 times, in 2017 is 75 times, in 2018 is 128 times, and only half of 2019 is 81 times. Coming of K-pop artists in the past 5 years is divided into 309 times for boy groups and 61 times for girl groups. GOT7 is the most visited band in Thailand in the past five years, up to 45 times.



In the first half of 2019, 81 K-pop artists were visiting Thailand and held 34 times of fan meetings, surpassing the number of previous year’s fan meetings. This does not include the trip and the private vacation of the artists. K-pop artists come to Thailand so often. It’s obvious that they like Thailand and love Thai fans very much!



The popularity of K-pop artists is increasing when the Thai people started to debut as many K-pop artists, such as Nichkhun 2pm, Mint tiny-g, Sorn CLC, Bam Bam got7, NCT ten, and Lisa Black Pink.

For all reasons, Thailand was ranked at the top of the list that Korean agencies want to hold the concert in Thailand so often. The cuteness of the friendly Thai fans that pay attention to welcome artists who come to Thailand every time. That makes a good memory between the artists and the fan club.


Second half of 2019 has begun! So these are just some of the confirmed events happening within this year. We’ll be updating our guide as more acts are announced, so be sure to bookmark this page. Prepare yourself and prepare your money! Because this year, a lot of K-pop artists has come to hold the concert in Thailand such as BLACKPINK, BTS, NU’EST, MONSTA X, etc.


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