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Thailand, the country in the middle of Southeast Asia which is very attractive for foreigners to visit or to live. Many people said that Thai people have a good heart and they are always welcome and smile. That’s why Thailand is known as “Land of Smiles”. In Thailand, you can live a great life with a very low cost. The cost of living is lower than many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, etc.



Moreover, Thai street food is very unique, delicious, and come with a low price. Most of them are open 24 hours. So do not worry, you will never be hungry at any time of the day. Restaurants and food stalls are opened at a different time of the day, which makes it opens 24 hours. On each street, the food price has an average of 50 Baht or around 1.63$ for a meal such as Pat-Thai, Kebab, Red pork noodles, and Papaya salad. All these street foods are everywhere and easy to find just like they are your neighbors. Normally, the price for the whole day meal is less than 250 baht or around 8.13$.




Food is not the only thing that is famous in Thailand. Drink in Thailand is very cheap too. A bottle of water in Thailand costs only 10 baht or approximately 0.33$. In Thailand, every convenience store especially Seven-Eleven opens 24 hours. Thailand has street food and also has street drink especially juices such as coconut juice, mango juice, watermelon, and orange juice which cost only 35-40 baht or around 1.30$.



Normally, clothes are not expensive in Thailand. It costs around 250 THB – 400 THB or $8 – $13 and has many places sell the clothes with cheaper prices such as Pra Tu Nam Market and Platinum Fashion Mall. Both are in the central of Bangkok. High-end brands and brands that come from other countries are expensive in Thailand such as one H&M summer dress costs 994 THB or 32$ but in the US it costs around 18-25$. Normally, locals and travelers like to shop in a night market. It costs around 150 THB – 350 THB or $9-$11. If coming to Thailand, don’t worry about this. There are many clothes here, from expensive to cheap price to choose.





Transportation in Thailand is also cheap if compare to other countries. Taxi costs only 95 baht per 10 kilometers or around 3.09$. Bus costs only 15-25 baht or around 0.81$. It is very cheap and makes you travel everywhere you want in Bangkok easier. The fastest way to travel in the city is the BTS (sky train). It costs around 40-60 baht or around 2$ depend on distance.

Moreover, there are many surrounding cities such as HuaHin, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya or Rayong. You can travel by using a van which costs only 140-160 baht or around 5.18$. Ferry is not expensive either. If you travel from Pattaya to Koh larn by ferry, it is only 40-60 baht or around 2$.


(Personal care)



Personal care in Bangkok is cheaper than many counties, and there are a lot of the stores that travellers can choose such as convenience store, Boots, Watson, Tesco Lotus, Big C, Foodland, and Maxvalu. The price of products is around 80 THB – 300 THB or $3-$10.If you forget to bring your items. It’s easy to find a store because most of the convenience stores are near all the accommodations and tourist attractions. If you come here to travel and feel sick, you can buy basic medicines in pharmacies or go to the hospital. Sometimes the weather is hot, you can go to the department store to chill out in a salon, a fitness, or a shop. Here, personal care is not expensive like travelers think.

Taking care of yourself is an important factor of living. Everyone needs to take care of oneself. Whether for a good looking or good health, self-care also includes expenses when being sick. Taking care of yourself does not only cost in daily life but also includes when you are sick. You may have to spend around 7,000 baht each month on health insurance and any medications you need. For toiletry, the cost is around 1,000 baht per month on shampoo, soap, body lotion, etc. If you are a woman, you would have to be pretty and beautiful. Various cosmetics and nourishing creams are also included in this category. It costs around 1,000 baht for drugstore’s cosmetic and 5,000 – 6,000 baht for luxury brand’s cosmetic per month.




The nightlife in Bangkok will surprise you. Many people around the world want to come to Thailand to see Bangkok nightlife. It has a lot of bars and pubs that have a different and unique style. Lots of travelers love to go to Khaosan road and it costs not more than 1,000 baht or around 33$ per night to have fun and get drunk. Beer in Khaosan road is around 90-120 baht or around 1.89$ per large bottle. If you want to go to a more luxury pub, Thonglor would be the answer. At Thonglor, you need to have at least 2,000 baht or around 35$ in your pocket. The bars and pubs are fulfilled with amazing light effect and incredible music band. RCA is another place that you wouldn’t miss. It is similar to Thonglor and costs almost the same price, but the difference is you will find famous people there. Lots of Thai superstar like to hang out there and it is not as crowded as Thonglor.




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“Wayha Hostel Café x bar” is located on Chang-Watthana road near DMK airport. If you are tired from your long flight, Wayha Hostel would be the answer. Our hostel is located in a residential area. The cost of living here is not expensive. There are many local foods to choose. This area is not busy and good for relaxing. Our hotel connects with many transportations. You can get here by train from the city center, and you can take the train to various provinces such as Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya from here at a very cheap price as well. So, do not hesitate to choose to stay with us.


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